LELE, Makes Everything Possible in Everyone's Hand

Our projects are making more trade tools, developing and improving features for Telegram user with LELE blockchain.

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Built On Ardor

LELE develop anything as simple as can be even it’s not a simple coin. This scalable cryptocurrency offering a eco-friendly mining called forging.

LELE is Combo

Proof-of-Stake and Transparent Forging form are a powerful combination with substantial benefits over all other methods of coin verifying transactions.

Green Concept

LELE is "green" it's protocol in power consumption, since 100% PoS mechanisms don’t require massive amounts of electricity power like POW mechanisms do.

51% Attack Proof & Security

LELE utilizes a 100% proof of stake (PoS) mechanism effectively removes a security risk inherent in POW coins, as the issue of a 51% attack.


Forging (Solo Forging) It is elegantly simple, block generations with their transaction fees are competed for proportionally to all active forging wallets based on the amount of LELE a wallet has. So if a wallet has 1 million LELE, then they have 1/1000 of a chance of forging any block and receiving any transaction fees in that block. The math here is 1 million (amount the client has) divided by 1 billion (total LELE in existence) is 1000, so that is 1/1000 of a chance. An even added bonus is that it is your LELE balance that forges for you, not ASICs that requires lots of power, maintenance, and that depreciates in value and processing power. Instead of buying equipment to mine with, you just buy LELE to forge for more LELE with.

Pool Forging LELE implements a pool forging feature. Whenever u not have enough amount of LELE to do solo forging, or have not any device to do this, u still could join at pool forging as like as POW pool mining, just swap your Lelecoins to FORGE Token as an option.

For investors, our Pos platform allow you to get profit every month for staking your coin.


Coin Name: LeleCoin
Coin Symbol: LELE
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Coin Base: Ardor (ARDR)
Block of Snapshot Announcement: 26th 2018
Airdrop Date: February 28th 2018
Airdrop Distribution: March 1st-10th 2018 (Maximum)
Airdrop Target: IGNIS Holders
Airdrop Rate: 10 IGNIS - 1 LELE
Total Airdrop: 99,944,969.4 LELE

Download Mobile Wallet

Download LELE Wallet For Free at Playstore.

Online Wallet

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Road Map

March - 2017

LELE Project Started

Basic groundwork and launch announcement of LELE.

August - 2017

Finishing LELE Token Project

By forking NXT, LELE was born as token. Click here for details

September - 2017

Pre-ICO Sale

Coin sale for IACTC (Indonesian Alt Coin Trader Community).

November - 2017

ICO Sale

Launching first LELE ICO.

December - 2017

Central Bank Meetup

Meetup with Fintech Director of Indonesian Central Bank. Click here for details

January - 2018

Educational Project

Start our education project for cryptocurrency lover's.

February - 2018

Mobile Wallet

Lauching Mobile Wallet (Android Wallet).

February - 2018

Digital Signature

Continue Develop First Digital Signature. Click here for details

February - 2018

Fork Ardor

February 28th 2018 Forking Ardor as based of LELE and snapshot of IGNIS holders.

March - 2018

LELE Airdrops

Snapshoot at February 28th of IGNIS holders, distibution Airdrop March 1st to 10th, 10 IGNIS get 1 LELE.

March - 2018

Global Markets

Launch of the LELE Global Market Exchange.Click here for Exchange List

April - 2018


Presentation of LELE to city corporations.

April - 2018

Start Develop IE

Start Develop LELE internal exchanger on April.

May - 2018

Lightweight Nodes

Launching lightweight nodes based on ARM devices such as Raspberry Pi.

June - 2018

Student Achievement Gift

Distributing gifts for students based on their achievement.

Continuous development

E-Chain Team

Alva Mantiri, Jakarta
Founder, CEO
Musa Saiful Islam, Seruyan
Ibrohim Kholilul Islam, Bandung
Zainul Mu'min, Kudus
Yonda Kasba, Aceh
Coach Educator & Develope Community
Erik Hidayatullah, Jakarta
Web Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lelecoin?

Lelecoin created by using combination of SHA256 and Curve 22519 which created with own blockchain. Lelecoin created with POS system, really sure that the coin will develop quickly with the help of facility of ARDOR platform.

Why choosing ICO sale?

To reach our target and increase speed of implementing quicker, we really appreciate your contribution from ICO sale.

Why Lelecoin should be trusted?

We understand to have trust from investor is not easy, but we started from small group to help trader-trader to gain profit. within the time, group member increasing time to time until became one of the largest community and active in Indonesia. we are really sure that this type of communication can increase the value of the coin

What project are being doing right now?

Right now, we doing digital certificate which can be use by government, private or public.

Is there any reward by storing coin on your wallet?

We don’t give any commission, but you can get opportunity to claim more coin by joining forging/pool. this will give you high reward because every transaction will only be taking 60 second. this will benefit not only holder but also arbiter.

When lelecoin will be tradeable?

After ICO finish, lelecoin will be joining market as soon as possible.

Can transaction be detected/viewed in realtime?

Yes, by visiting our block explorer which you can get from the website.

Can we explore the sourcecode and usable API?

Yes, the source can be found in our github.

What will you do if the coin is all sold out?

We try to increase the use of our blockchain so system asset digital can be use by business or personal use. if all coin ae sold out we will use the fund to increase fully the connection of the blockchain until it be use by the government.

What is forging?

Lelecoin are made by POS system. By following forging, you can claim free coin by holding your coin on your wallet. Every transaction cost fee. Fee of transaction will be divided equally by the amount of lele you have and be rewarded to your wallet. the minimum requirement to join forging is by having 1000coin in your wallet. mining hardware are not required and you can join by having minimum of mobile

Forging Pool: What if our balance is less than 1000coin, can we still join the forging?

Yes, by joining forging pool which require min. of 2lele and reach 1440confirmation.pool forging is where all the amount of coin which join pool are gather into 1 account and the reward will be distribute by the amount of share you have. the more the amount, the more the reward.

Does Lelecoin have telegram groups?

Yes, you can join us by clicking here..

Does Lelecoin have private channel?

Yes, you can view it by clicking here..

Does Lelecoin have account on Twitter and etc?

Yes, here is our accounts:
Facebook: Fans Page
Twitter: Lelecoin Official
Instagram: Lelecoin Indonesia
Telegram: Lelecoin Group
BitcoinTalk: Lelecoin Discussion